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Royal Knights Chess Academy

Why chess?


Chess is one of the simplest ways to establish self-esteem, creative thinking as well as the strongest tool to master the art of planning and implementation.


Chess is not just a game, chess lets discover the world beyond imagination through thinking and analytical calculations.


Chess is described as a royal game and battle of opinions.


Chess unites and promotes diversity and understanding among children.


Chess helps create friendships while teaching planning and foresight. It's a great way for children to develop cognitive skills and improve concentration while having fun.


Chess education is more than just an explanation of game fundamentals and strategies. We present the similarities between chess and life in our programs to make it easy for our students to apply these tactics in their daily lives.

About Us

Royal Knights Chess Academy founded in 2014 with the purpose of bringing the educational benefits of chess to children by providing short term and long term chess lessons for all levels of children through elementary schools in group settings, private and semi-private classes throughout Northern Virginia.


Royal Knighs Chess Academy has the right training materials and qualified chess instructors with years of experience teaching chess to children of various skill levels throughout Northern Virginia.


Royal Knights Chess Academy will strive to achieve student satisfaction by utilizing the utmost integrity, and passion for excellence through our programs and to provide the best service at the best value.

Fun and Skills

Royal Knights Chess Academy offers students the opportunity to learn and have fun while playing one of the most interesting board games. If your child has never played chess or if it has been awhile, we have programs for pre-beginner, beginner, intermediate and club level students which are consisting of chess theory, tactics and strategy that would help your child learn, improve and enjoy playing chess. We welcome all elementary and middle school students.

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